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バルバレスコ・ブリッコ・ アジリ・ベルナルド、チェレット「2005」Barbaresco Bricco Asili Bernardot、Ceretto

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Barbaresco is an Italian town of 614 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo in Piedmont and in 2014 it was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
According to legend, Barbaresco derives its name from the barbarians who caused the fall of the Roman Empire.
"Barbaro" in Italian means barbarian.
The name of Barbaresco derives from "Barbaritium", a term used by the Romans
to designate a place occupied by the Barbarians.
The barbarian invasions (from 164 to 476) constituted an uninterrupted period of raids and migrations of entire populations within the borders of the Roman Empire.
During that time, the place where the village of Barbaresco stands today was covered entirely by a forest dedicated to the God Mars (the God of War).
The Romans called it
"barbarica silva", the Barbarian Forest.
The place was so impenetrable that allowed the barbarians to attack and find escape from the Roman cavalry.