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シャンパーニュ・クリスタル・ブリュット ルイ・ロデレール「1981年」 Champagne Cristal Brut - Louis Roederer

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1981 Champagne Cristal Brut - Louis Roederer


Cristal was first created by Louis Roederer for the Russian Tsar Alexander II in 1876.
As Russia became less stable and Alexander feared assassination, he commanded that his Champagne be bottled clear and with a flat bottom in order to ensure no bombs were placed in the punt beneath the bottles. After the reign of the tsars ended with the Russian Revolution in 1917, Roederer kept producing the Champagne, and it eventually hit the commercial market in 1945. Cristal’s gold wrapping has historic roots. In the 19th century, a system of color-coding was used to signify a Champagne’s quality. Unsurprisingly, gold was used to denote the highest prestige. But there’s a scientific reason for this wrapping, too. The shiny cellophane is actually anti-UV, which protects the clear-bottled wine from damaging sun rays.