Wines that have been Delivered

If you receive a different product from your order, if it is damaged, or if you suspect defective quality, please contact us immediately. If you receive a different product from your order, if the wine is damaged (including cracks or cracks in the bottle), or if you suspect that the wine is of poor quality, please contact us prior to opening the wine. We dedicate our utmost effort to ensure that the sourcing of the wine is from impeccable sources, usually direct from the winery or primary dealers. Even though provenance is excellent, there are certain risks associated with purchasing wines, especially vintage wines. We ask that all buyers take the effort to inspect the wines prior to making a purchase as we are not able to offer refunds once the wine(s) are delivered, assuming that the wine has not changed condition between shipping from the warehouse and the final destination.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or refunds. In any case, cancellations, exchanges, refunds, and returns cannot be accepted if more than 8 days have passed since the product arrived. Due to the nature of wine, it is imperative to store the wine in a temperature controlled wine cellar immediately. Our cellars offer full 24-hour temperature and humidity control to ensure optimal wine storage throughout the year. Immediately transfer your wine to a wine cellar (12-16 ° C) for storage upon receipt. 

Products delivered on cool flights may affect wine, especially due to temperature differences with the outside air. Please note that we can not return or exchange in this case. Aged wine is a living thing. As ripening progresses, the color, aroma and taste change, and the liquid level may drop. If the sediment has accumulated, we recommend allowing wines to stand vertically in a temperature controlled environment for about a week to allow for the sediment to settle prior to opening the bottle. Mold attached to cork is proof that it was stored in an environment where temperature, humidity, and other conditions were met. It is advisable to wipe off mold and slowly remove the cork before enjoying the wine. Please take care when opening sparkling wine in particular. Turn the bottle towards a safe direction before slowly removing the cork. Be careful when opening the plug because the gas pressure may cause the plug to pop out.